Deep Dive: Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient you've probably seen over and over again in your favorite skincare products. You know that it helps your skin retain moisture, but why does everyone love it so much? Here's everything you need to know about Hyaluronic Acid. 
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Hyaluronic Acid is a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the skin. It helps to bind water to collagen, making your skin appear plumper, bouncier, dewier, and more hydrated. In fact, Hyaluronic Acid can hold over 6,000 times its weight in water, making it a powerful humectant (something that reduces the loss of moisture) in skincare. While Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced by your body, many factors — including diet and genetics — determine how much of it is actually working for your skin.

As you get older, your body naturally produces less collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which accounts for your skin's loss of elasticity and bounciness. That's where Hyaluronic Acid in skincare comes in. When suspended in the right formulation, Hyaluronic Acid has a wide variety of skincare benefits, including hydration, anti-inflammaging, plumping and smoothing (including wrinkle reduction).

Unlike other ingredients with "acid" in their names, Hyaluronic Acid actually doesn't strip your skin — or even mildly exfoliate it, for that matter. It's an ingredient that can be used by all skin types, multiple times a day, if necessary. You can apply it in a targeted method on dry spots or all over your face for glow and hydration. Even oily skin types can use it without fear of grease

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If you're looking for ways to add Hyaluronic Acid into your skincare routine, here are a few recommendations from our Summer Fridays lineup:

Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream: The newest addition to our skincare family, Cloud Dew is a lightweight moisturizer perfect for your daytime routine. The Hyaluronic Acid in this formula works to plumpen your skin for long-lasting hydration that gives your skin a bouncy glow.

Soft Reset AHA Exfoliating Solution: While the other acids in Soft Reset do the exfoliating to resurface and retexturize your skin, Hyaluronic Acid helps counteract the "tingling" effects of chemical exfoliation. It soothes and hydrates your skin so that you can use Soft Reset every night without over-stripping your skin.

Lip Butter Balm: Hyaluronic Acid works in conjunction with Shea and Murumuru Seed Butters and Vegan Waxes to hydrate your lips, leaving them glossy and oh-so-kissable.