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Product Cocktails To Fix Your Skin Concerns

Product Cocktails To Fix Your Skin Concerns

We get it — setting up a complete skincare routine is hard. When you're shopping for a new product, there are just way too many options to choose from, and picking out the perfect one for your skin type can be really challenging. Layering your products can prove to be quite difficult — and don't even get us started on knowing what order to apply each product, or what to do when you need to put makeup on after your routine.

But here at Summer Fridays, we want you to be able to mix and match all of your products depending on what your skin might need at any given time, so we've prescribed some of our favorite Summer Fridays product cocktails so you can address each of your skin concerns and see real results. Obviously, they layer well with each other, but they also play well with the other products in your routine — and under makeup, too. The best part? Each of our products is totally guilt-free: They're all vegan, cruelty-free, and are free of harmful ingredients like synthetic dyes and fragrances, sulfates, and parabens. 

Here are some of the most common skincare concerns we've encountered, and how to fix them with a mixture of our products. 

For Dry Skin:
R&R Mask + Jet Lag Mask

If your skin is starting to get rough and flaky due to the colder and drier winter months, this is the perfect combo of products to help your skin get back on track.

The R+R Mask is a great first step because it simultaneously exfoliates and hydrates your skin. The rose flower powder in the mask is a gentle physical exfoliant that sloughs away any flakes and smooths your skin, and the mixture of argan, safflower, sesame, avocado, and grapeseed oils deeply hydrates your skin. Plus, the oils are loaded with antioxidants to protect your skin against environmental stressors like wind, dryness, and pollutants. The mask also has oil-soluble vitamin C to penetrate deeper into your dermis to brighten and protect the delicate skin on your face. 

After pampering yourself with the R+R Mask, follow up with a generous layer of our award-winning Jet Lag Mask. There's a reason why this mask has sold out so many times — it really is an all-purpose skin saver, regardless of what kinds of harsh conditions you're putting your skin through. An exfoliating session calls for deep hydration, and the Jet Lag Mask provides a sealing layer of moisture to top of the foundation from the R+R Mask, courtesy of known super-ingredient hyaluronic acid. Niacinamide reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, while green tea soothes skin. It also contains chestnut extract, which naturally exfoliates the skin, and a bit of vitamin C (because we want your skin to stay glowing). 

How To Apply Your Cocktail: After cleansing your skin, take a nickel-sized dab of R+R and rub it in a circular motion your damp face for 60 seconds, then allow the mask to sit for 10 minutes. Gently rinse off the physical exfoliants, but don't wipe your face with a towel. Rather, dab the excess oils into your skin to provide a base layer of hydration. Spread a thin layer of Jet Lag over the oils from R+R, and add more product on the spots that require a little more attention, like dry patches, hyperpigmentation, and the delicate under eye area. The result? Smooth, hydrated skin that looks like you're well-rested.

For Dull Skin:
Overtime Mask + Jet Lag Mask

If your skin needs a little extra glow and you feel like you need a bit of a boost, mix these two masks together to bring some life back to your face.

Lackluster skin is often a result of congested pores or the absence of cell turnover, and that's where our Overtime Mask comes in. As you probably know, the hero ingredient of this mask is pumpkin, which is full of restorative minerals and vitamins A, K, and C to help simultaneously exfoliate, hydrate, and brighten your skin. The finely-ground apricot seed powder in the mask is naturally-derived and gentle to assist in sloughing off that top layer of dead skin cells. Plus, the oat kernel protein has anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin feeling soothed, while antioxidants and vitamin E protect your face from free radicals. 

You already know you love the Jet Lag Mask, but it's especially great after using an exfoliant like the Overtime Mask. Though the grains are gentle, exfoliating sometimes still leaves the skin a little bit sensitive and requires the right product to help it repair; Jet Lag is perfect for that. It helps seal in moisture and repair your skin overnight so you wake up looking totally refreshed. 

How To Apply Your Cocktail: After cleansing, dry your skin and apply the Overtime Mask. Gently spread and rub it into your face for about a minute, then chill out for 10 minutes with the mask on. Rinse it off by wiping in small circular motions to continue getting the exfoliating benefit of the mask, then dry off your face. Apply as much of the Jet Lag as you need, concentrating more product on the sensitive parts of your skin. The result? Skin that looks fresh, plump, and ready for anything. 

For Uneven Skin:
CC Me Serum + Jet Lag Mask

If hyperpigmentation are getting the best of you, try out this combo to restore the balance in your skin and even out your skin tone. 

Most beauty enthusiasts know that vitamin C serum is one of the best kinds of products you can use to help with uneven skin tone, and our CC Me Serum is unlike any vitamin C that you've ever tried. It's super gentle — but still packs a powerful punch — and leaves skin soft, hydrated, and glowing so bright. It contains two forms of vitamin C so you get the biggest bang for your buck, while squalane boosts hydration and protects against free radicals. Plus, the peptide complex in it helps boost collagen production in your skin and the botanical cocktail contains a strong mix of antioxidants to combat inflammation. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a Summer Fridays skincare cocktail without our Jet Lag Mask, which can act as the perfect daytime moisturizer (when applied in a light layer). CC Me is hydrating on its own, and Jet Lag just helps seal in all of the goodness from the serum to keep your skin looking dewy and glowy throughout the day, even when you're wearing makeup on top. 

How To Apply Your Cocktail: After cleansing in the morning, apply one to two pumps of CC Me all over your face, neck, and décolletage. Follow up with a light layer of Jet Lag in all the same places (and add another layer to the under eyes for a brightening eye cream effect). Don't forget to apply your favorite broad spectrum sunscreen, and your face is good to go. The result? Beautifully glowy skin that stays hydrated throughout the day, even if you layer makeup on top of your skincare. 

Now that you have three skincare cocktails to choose from, you're ready to get to mixing! Do you have a favorite Summer Fridays skincare cocktail that we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments below.