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Recycle with us: The SF Recycling Program

Recycle with us: The SF Recycling Program

When we created Summer Fridays, we had a mission to create skincare products that not only feel great on your skin and look beautiful on your vanity, but are also environmentally-friendly. Being an LA-based company, our hometown is always on the forefront of what's happening in health and wellness, and we love that our city is so mindful of sustainability and recycling. We believe that if we all make small changes and habits, combined together we can all make a big change, which is why we created our Summer Fridays Recycling Program

As you probably know, all of our products are housed in recyclable containers: Our masks live in aluminum tubes, and our CC Me Serum comes in a glass bottle. But something that you might not know is that all of the outer boxes and packaging inserts are recyclable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, and the inks we use are actually a mix of linseed oil, which is a renewable resource. We also use organic sprays and inks for our glass bottle decoration, keeping it completely recyclable. 

We have put a lot of thought into making our packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible, but even though these products can be recycled on their own, we wanted to further our efforts by providing our own recycling program to make it easy for you, our customers, to participate in your own sustainability journey. (And the free goodie you get in return helps a little bit, too.) 

So how exactly do you participate in our recycling program? It's easy! All you have to do is collect five empty Summer Fridays products and send them back to us. In return, we'll send you a mini Jet Lag Mask as a thank you. When you have collected your five empties, shoot an email to our customer service team at and they will send you your free shipping label. Stick your empties in a small box or padded envelope, and then just watch the mail for your mini Jet Lag Mask. It really is that simple! After we receive the empties, our team carefully sorts out each piece, and we have them processed at a local recycling facility. 

As much as we hope you love our products and how they treat your skin, we also hope that you share our philosophy for making the world a greener place so that future generations can enjoy this incredible planet we live on. Sustainability has been rooted in our brand from day one —from the packaging, to the way we ship our products, to gathering our community together to clean up our local beaches. Providing a space for beauty lovers to feel beautiful in their own skin, while also feeling like they're contributing to making our industry more sustainable, is extremely important to us. 

Each of us doesn't need to be perfect, but if we try to implement changes into our daily life, we genuinely believe that the impact can be huge to future generations.