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Keeping It Clean

Keeping It Clean

Before Summer Fridays, our co-founders Marianna and Lauren had a lot of experience with trying out products. They saw first-hand how wasteful the plastic packaging was, how much excess filler was put into product mailers, and how deeply the beauty industry was — and still is — affecting the climate crisis. So when they started Summer Fridays, they wanted to ensure that the brand was sustainable and eco-conscious in every aspect from the ingredients to packaging. 

As a company based in Los Angeles, we're lucky to be in a city that is incredibly conscious of environmental impact: LA has inspired us to not only implement sustainable practices, but to also make it easy for our customers to choose our products, knowing that they are formulated and packaged with Mother Earth in mind. 

In 2019, we launched  our own Recycling Program to help our customers recycle their finished products correctly. Collect five empty Summer Fridays products, email, and we will send you a free shipping label so you can send in your empties to us. Throw the bottles and/or tubes into a small box or padded envelope for us to handle the recycling process. After we receive the empties, our team carefully sorts out each piece, and we have them processed at a local recycling facility. And then — the best part, of course — you receive a mini Jet Lag Mask! 

But before the products even get to you, we do everything we can to make sure that the packaging is eco-friendly. All of our masks and Lip Butter Balm come in aluminum tubes, while our liquid products,CC Me Serum and Super Amino Gel Cleanser, come in glass bottles; all of those packages and components are recyclable. 

Something that you might not know is that all of the outer boxes and packaging inserts are recyclable and the inks we use are actually a mix of linseed oil, which is a renewable resource. We also use organic sprays and inks for our glass bottles, keeping every component of the product completely recyclable. And finally, we have made a commitment to package our eComm orders as minimally as possible so that shipments from our warehouse have as little environmental impact as they can; we do not include paper stuffing or other padding.

We love seeing how all of you use your Summer Fridays products to indulge in a little self-care every single day, but even more so, we hope that you share our dedication to reducing your carbon footprint. Sustainability has been a priority for us since day one —from the packaging, to the way we ship our products, to gathering our community together to clean up our local beaches. It takes little baby steps to work toward a greener future, we know that we can make a serious impact on future generations.