Deep Dive: Serums vs. Moisturizers

As you build out your skincare routine, you’ve probably realized that there are tons of different product categories to choose from: From toners and essences to oils and exfoliators, every product adds a little extra something to your regimen. It can be hard to distinguish what the difference is between all of them. The truth is, every single product in your routine serves a different function and purpose.

Our Summer Fridays skincare lineup includes three ultra-hydrating products, all in different formats: Dream Oasis Deep Hydration SerumCloud Dew Gel Cream Moisturizer and Jet Lag Mask.

We’ve broken down the difference between hydrating serums, moisturizers, and masks and how you can incorporate all of them into your skincare routine, day or night.

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Serums vs. Moisturizers: What’s The Difference? 

First things first: The texture of a serum versus a moisturizer is a big differentiator between the two formats. Typically, serums feel lightweight to touch, but deliver intense hydration. When it comes to moisturizers, there are several kinds that can vary by texture: some have a thick, rich consistency compared to a serum, but also, like Cloud Dew Gel Cream Moisturizer, they can have a lightweight water-based formula.

When it comes to layering your skincare products, you also use serums and moisturizers differently. Serums are treatment products that contain more active ingredients that deliver specific benefits to the skin. These targeted treatments are used after cleansing and toning to help the skin absorb whatever benefit the serum is offering. You then go in with your moisturizer to lock in benefits from the serum, and surge the skin with skin-quenching and long-lasting hydration that leaves skin healthy, hydrated and glowing day or night. You can also think about layering these products as applying the lightest weight products (serum), to your heaviest (moisturizer). 

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Summer Fridays Hydrating Skincare Products

Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum

Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum is a weightless jelly-like hydrating serum that gives skin a youthful, bouncy glow while soothing skin and reducing redness. It was formulated to be gentle for all skin types and acts as a tall drink of water for your skin. The formula includes Squalane, a strong moisture barrier for the skin, while Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid work as humectants in the formula to attract and retain moisture. These ingredients also provide protection from environmental stressors like pollution and dry air. This ultra-hydrating serum also includes a calming blend of Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe, Arnica, and Tiger Grass to help soothe irritation and diminish the appearance of redness in the skin. 

Because Dream Oasis is so gentle and versatile, it can be used in both your morning and evening skincare routines for an extra shot of hydration. Apply one to two pumps of the serum after cleansing to give dry, tired skin the base layer of hydration that it craves.

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Cloud Dew Gel Cream Moisturizer

Cloud Dew Gel Cream Moisturizer is a weightless water-based cream that feels light on the skin but immediately drenches skin in hydration. It contains three different types of Hyaluronic Acid to help your skin attract and retain water and to plump your skin and give it a dewy glow. It also contains Glycerin, which reinforces your skin's moisture barrier so it stays hydrated for a longer amount of time without reapplication. Amino Acids help strengthen and protect your skin's moisture barrier and Pineapple Enzyme acts as a gentle exfoliant to reveal fresh, bright skin. 

This moisturizer is great for oily and acne-prone skin types that need weightless hydration, or for any skincare lover who needs an effortless daytime hydrator to layer under makeup.

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Jet Lag Mask

Jet Lag Mask is our intensely-hydrating multipurpose hydrator that acts as a mask, moisturizer, eye cream, and hand cream. The award-winning formula includes Niacinamide (a.k.a. vitamin B3) that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, works to brighten skin, and even tone and texture. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin to give your skin the hydration it needs, along with a plump and youthful glow. Put these all together with our Skin-Soothing Blend which includes Allantoin, Bisabolol, and Panthenol to soothe stressed skin and simultaneously pump it full of hydration. 

Jet Lag Mask has a variety of uses that can be applied on all skin types: Use a thin layer as a daily moisturizer, use a heavier layer as a rinse-off or overnight mask, or you can even stick it in the fridge and use a tiny amount as an eye cream to help depuff your under eyes. 

With this routine, look no further for a hydrating skincare routine that will leave skin dewy and glowing.