Get 15% off every subscription order.


Subscriptions ship free for all U.S. orders.


Pause or cancel your deliveries as needed.


Adjust your ship date or subscription frequency at any time.


Your self-care essentials are delivered automatically on your schedule.


Subscription Essentials

Cancel, pause, or edit at any time.


How does the subscription program work?

Our subscription program allows you to easily replenish your self-care essentials when it's time to restock.

Products on subscription are 15% off and receive free standard shipping within the United States.

You're in control of your subscription and can change the frequency, skip a shipment, or edit or cancel the order.

How do I sign up for subscriptions?

On the product page, select subscribe + save, choose your desired frequency, add to cart, and checkout.

Can I return or exchange my subscription order?

Please contact our customer support team at to initiate a return.

Can I use a promo code with my subscription order?

We are unable to combine a promo code with the subscription discount.

What products are available for subscription?

All core Summer Fridays products are available for subscription. Exceptions to subscription services are merchandise items, gift sets and bundles, and limited edition products.

How do I change, skip, or cancel my subscription order?

Log into your account and click on subscriptions to manage your subscription order. You can:

• Change your shipping address

• Change your billing address

• Change your next order date

• Change your subscription frequency

• Skip your upcoming order

• Update quantity

• Add additional product to your order

• Edit payment method

• Cancel your subscription

• Re-activate your subscription

What is the deadline to make changes to my order?

All orders are processed at 12am EST on the scheduled order date. To modify your order, simply log into your account and click on subscription. Changes must be made prior to 11:59pm EST the day before your scheduled order date. For example, if your next order is scheduled for 9/13 - changes should be made by 9/12 before 11:59pm EST.

Can I expedite shipping for my auto-replenish order?

Unfortunately, we cannot expedite shipping on subscription orders. However, you are able to edit the date of your upcoming shipment to an earlier date if your products are needed sooner than planned.

How do I edit my shipping address?

Log into your account, click subscriptions, click on shipping, and make the necessary edits to your address.

How will I know when my order will ship?

We'll send you an email reminder before your order ships. You will also receive sms reminders if subscribed to text alerts. You can also log into your account anytime to view your scheduled deliveries.

How often will my orders ship?

You have control over the frequency of your product orders! You can choose to receive your products every 1, 2, or 3 months.

How does billing work?

Your credit card will be charged on the order date selected when you signed up for your subscription.

How do I update my billing information?

Log into your account, go to subscriptions, click on billing information and select send email to update. This provides you with a secure link to update your payment information.

How do I change my charge date?

Log into your account, go to subscriptions, click on edit and select next charge date. From there you'll select the new charge date and update.

If I change my next charge date, will it change my order frequency?

Changing your charge date and changing your order frequency are different actions. If you'd like to change both charge date and frequency, you will need to do so separately.