Dream Lip Oil

The Making of Dream Lip Oil

The Making of Dream Lip Oil

Introducing the newest addition to our skincare-meets-makeup product lineup, Dream Lip Oil. 

This plush and silky-smooth lip oil delivers a high-gloss, lasting hydration and a gorgeous hint of color. Packed full of nourishing ingredients that apply like a dream to leave lips soft and shiny, you’re never going to want to leave the house without your favorite shade.

It comes with a wide, cushy doe foot applicator for easy one-swipe application on-the-go. 

Marianna and Lauren came to our product development team with the idea of a product named “Dream Lip Oil” when we only had two shades of Lip Butter Balm available — having the name before we even started formulating a product became our north star because it evoked the emotion of exactly how we wanted the product experience to be. 

As we built the formula, applicator, and overall product experience, everything needed to feel like a dream: a dream to apply, a dream on the lips, comfortable and never sticky as you wear it, leaving your lips feeling dreamy and soft after use.

The Shades

Pink Cloud

Sheer soft pink

Blush Dreams

Sheer blush

Soft Mauve

Sheer cool mauve

Rosewood Nights

Sheer rosy brown

Find Your Perfect Lip

Find Your Perfect Lip

You’ve made Lip Butter Balm an Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner and Sephora best-seller so you’re probably wondering if you need both Dream Lip Oil and Lip Butter Balm. The answer is YES! 

Oils feel light and airy on the lips and are great for regular use, layered with lipstick, and reapplication throughout the day for a hint of color. Lip Butter Balm has a thicker consistency and is a powerful lip treatment that can be worn both during the day or overnight as a mask. 

What makes Dream Lip Oil so dreamy? 

Dream Lip Oil has a silky smooth, buildable formula with nine oils that glide on the lip for ultra-shine and a hint of color.

Dream Lip Oil does not have flavor, although it does have a hint of sweetness from Monk Fruit.

As the names suggest, Dream Lip Oil’s formulation concentrates on the inclusion of nourishing oils that give your lips a high-definition shine and hydration. 

Dream Lip Oil is your new go-to companion for daily wear, whether you need to top off your lips or just need a lightweight feel throughout the day.

Key Ingredients

The Results

Vegan Lip Oil Complex

Our ultra-rich blend of nine plant-based oils delivers a surge of deep moisture for softer lips.


said their lips felt softer after applying this product**

Vitamin E

This oil-soluble antioxidant works to protect, nourish and soften dryness-prone lips.


said this formula made their lips appear/look more hydrated.**

*In a consumer use study with 50 participants, aged 14 - 39, after one day

**In a consumer use study with 50 participants, aged 14 - 39, after 30 days

Shea Butter vs. Shea Oil

Shea Butter vs. Shea Oil

One of Dream Lip Oil’s key ingredients is Shea Oil. By formulating the liquid oil form of this powerful ingredient, we were able to achieve a thin-yet-emollient texture to deliver lasting moisture and the perfect amount of milky, sheer color.

In this silky texture, using the oil form of Shea — a super moisturizing ingredient rich in essential fatty acids — ensures you never have any grittiness.

We’ve been working hard on bringing you skincare-meets-makeup hybrid products that you’ll reach for in your beauty arsenal time and time again, and can’t wait to hear what you think of Dream Lip Oil.

Dream Lip Oil