Lip Butter Balm, but better.
You asked, we listened. Meet our updated Lip Butter Balm – now in an easy-to-use tube with a bio-resin applicator tip. You've already told us how much you love Lip Butter Balm, but that the original aluminum tube left a little something to be desired. So we took the same exact balm and put it in a new tube, made with a bio-resin rather than plastic to reduce our impact on the environment. The applicator is reminiscent of your favorite balms from the early aughts for the easiest application that deposits just the right amount of product on your lips.
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It's the same hydrating formula you know and love, repackaged in a new and improved tube for easier application. This 100% vegan lip mask coats your lips like a deeply nourishing hug, leaving your pout smoothed, soothed, and glossy — without the grease of a traditional lip balm. Here's everything you need to know.

The new tube comes packaged in our new Tree-Free™ Paper box, which is made from bagasse, a waste by-product of sugar and a rapidly renewable resource. Tree-Free™ paper is compostable, BPA free, chlorine and dye free and USDA BioPreferred. The tube itself is fully recyclable, so don't forget to save the tube so you can participate in our Summer Fridays recycling program.

With this relaunch, we've also created a new tinted shade, Vanilla Beige. It's the same exact formula as our original Vanilla, just with a subtle rosy tint to give your lips that extra sheer tint. As always, wear it alone or over your favorite lip combo for a glossy, hydrating finish.

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And in case you forgot, here are all the nourishing ingredients you love in Lip Butter Balm:

Shea and Murumuru Seed Butters: These vegan butters are intensely hydrating so that the balm functions both for daily wear and as an overnight mask. They work to soothe, heal, and condition dry lips so you can say goodbye to chapped and flaky skin.

Vegan Waxes: These are the ingredients you can thank for the glossy, shiny finish that leaves your lips feeling soothed but never greasy. The texture is ultra-light so that it can layer well over your favorite makeup, but it still delivers on hydration and nourishment.

Natural Vanilla Flavor: For a sweet treat at the end of your skincare or makeup routine. It's super subtle so those with sensitive noses won't be bothered, but it's enough to make you want to reapply whenever you can.

We're so excited to reintroduce Lip Butter Balm to you with these packaging improvements — and a new tinted shade to boot. We know you'll love it even more than the original, and can't wait to hear what you think!