Face Serums 101: What You Need to Know
If you’re anything like us, you have a ton of Summer Fridays products sitting on your vanity. And while you deserve a chance to indulge in a luxurious, multi-step skincare routine, your products will work better if you apply them at the right time and in the right order. We know you love all of our serums equally, so here’s how you can incorporate all of them into your routine for your healthiest, glowiest skin yet.
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Our Serums + When to Use Them

CC Me Vitamin C + Niacinamide Serum contains two kinds of Vitamin C to double the serum’s antioxidant protection and brightening power. This powerhouse serum works to brighten, refine skin texture, protect the skin's moisture barrier, and helps diminish any dark spots. Our potent formula contains a signature Peptide Complex which helps promote youthful-looking skin and gives you an instant glow. Vitamin C is one of the most trusted antioxidants in skincare, recommended by dermatologists and estheticians alike as an integral part of your routine. 

When to Use CC Me: Use Vitamin C in your morning skincare routine for an instant glow. Plus, Vitamin C and sunscreen are the perfect pair to protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen is your first line of defense, blocking UV rays from penetrating into the skin.

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Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum is a lightweight serum that packs a seriously hydrating punch. It has a jelly-like consistency that is compatible with all skin types and delivers a dewy finish to the skin. Think of this serum as a drink of water for your skin! . The formula includes Squalane, which acts as a moisture barrier for the skin, while powerful Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid work to attract and retain moisture. This skin-quenching serum also includes a soothing blend of Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe, Arnica, and Tiger Grass to help calm any irritation and diminish the appearance of redness in the skin. 

When to Use Dream Oasis: Dream Oasis is a gentle, hydrating serum that layers well with other skincare, making it the perfect product to incorporate into both your morning and evening routines for an extra boost of hydration. We suggest using 1-2 pumps in both your AM and PM routine.

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Midnight Ritual Retinol Renewal Serum is the newest addition to our serum lineup. Powered by two forms of retinoids— retinol and retinyl linoleate—this gentle yet effective vegan formula can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve discoloration, and renew and restore the skin's appearance when used regularly. It is also enriched with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and a blend of oatmeal and tiger grass, that works to calm and soothe the skin, making it the perfect addition to your PM skincare routine.

When to Use Midnight Ritual Retinol: As the product’s name suggests, this is a serum recommended for nighttime use. Retinol works with the skin’s natural regeneration cycle while you sleep to help resurface the texture of your skin leaving you with a more even skin tone and brighter complexion. Because Retinol is a potent ingredient, start off with a patch test behind your ear or on the inside of your wrist to ensure your skin doesn’t experience any irritation. If you are new to Retinol Serums, start incorporating it into your evening routine 1-2 times per week, working your way to daily use as tolerated.

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Morning Routine with Serums

  1. Cleanse with Super Amino Gel Cleanser

  2. Treat with CC Me Vitamin C + Niacinamide Serum followed by Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum

  3. Protect with Cloud Dew Gel Cream Moisturizer followed by ShadeDrops SPF 30

Nighttime Routine with Serums

  1. Cleanse with Super Amino Gel Cleanser

  2. Treat with Midnight Ritual Retinol Serum followed by Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum

  3. Protect with Light Aura Vitamin C + Peptide Eye Cream followed by Jet Lag Mask

Now you know how to use all of our serums so you can customize the perfect skincare routine for you. Happy skincare shopping!