Jet Lag Mask Statement

We at Summer Fridays are carefully monitoring recent community feedback citing temporary redness and irritation experienced by some customers when using Jet Lag Mask. We deeply regret any discomfort or inconvenience caused by this issue and are confident that the use of this product does not pose a threat to the health and safety of our customers.


We have worked with our manufacturer, testing laboratories and an independent chemist to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause and have determined that certain production batches at our third-party manufacturing site were compromised.


To address this issue, we have implemented the following steps:

  • Established new, more stringent manufacturing protocols using OTC-level guidelines to ensure each step in the manufacturing process is carefully monitored and checked for full compliance and adherence to our high standards.
  • Developing a minor reformulation, including removal of essential oils, that will serve to mitigate any future potential for irritation, while still delivering the results you look for in Jet Lag Mask.
  • Working with our retail partners to return specific lot codes of product from their shelves and warehouses to be replaced with new product as soon as it is produced and fully tested.
  • Offering full refunds for Jet Lag Mask ordered on and supporting our retail partners to issue refunds for Jet Lag Mask purchased from them.


      If you have experienced any issues when using Jet Lag Mask, please return it for a full refund.  See “Product Returns” below for instructions on how to do so.


      If you have purchased a Jet Lag Mask and have not yet used it, you may either return it or “patch test” it prior to use by applying a small amount behind your ear or on your jawline. If you experience any unexpected reaction, rinse it off and please return it for a full refund.  See “Product Returns” below for instructions on how to do so.


      If you have a tube of Jet Lag Mask that you have been using without issue, please continue to so and enjoy!


      We value our vibrant community and very much appreciate your understanding while we manage this issue and hope we continue to have your trust and support.


      Please see below for information regarding product returns. If you have any further questions, please reach out to








      1. Please provide the following information via return email:


      • ORDER NUMBER: If you have it, please provide the order number for your Jet Lag purchase
      • NAME: The name under which you placed the product order
      • PURCHASE DATE: Approximate date that you purchased the product from
      • LOT CODE: The number stamped in the crimp of the product tube (please see the image below)
      Batch ID
      2. Ship the product back to us:

      We will issue you a prepaid return label as soon as we receive your return email. Just place the product in a sealed box, apply the label and drop it at the nearest UPS location or drop box.


      A full refund will be credited to the form of payment used for your purchase.




      Please follow the return instructions on their website or return it back to one of their stores.  They will be providing full refunds for returned product with proof of purchase.