Lip Butter Balm: New Shades + Ingredient Deep Dive
By now, you’ve hopefully had the chance to try out our best-selling, award-winning Lip Butter Balm, which is a powerful product that treats your lips like a mask, wears like a balm, and has the finish of a gloss. Formulated with vegan butters and waxes, it’s the perfect addition to your routine, whether you’re indulging in your skincare ritual at home or reapplying hydration on-the-go.
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Lip Butter Balm’s original formula is untinted, and you’ve probably become familiar with the collection of four sheer shades that we’ve curated over the last couple of years: Vanilla, Vanilla Beige, Poppy, and Brown Sugar. We’re excited to welcome two more hues to the family — Cherry and Pink Sugar. Take a look at the full lineup of colors below: 

Vanilla - untinted

Vanilla Beige - sheer beige color

Poppy - sheer coral color

Brown Sugar - sheer brown color

• NEW! Pink Sugar - sheer pink color

• NEW! Cherry - sheer red color

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And here’s a quick reminder of the ingredients that make Lip Butter Balm so deliciously nourishing:

  • Shea and Murumuru Seed Butters: These vegan butters are intensely hydrating so that the balm functions both for daily wear and as an overnight mask. They work to soothe, heal, and condition dry lips so you can say goodbye to chapped and flaky lips.

  • Vegan Waxes: These are the ingredients you can thank for the glossy, shiny finish that leaves your lips feeling soothed but never greasy. The texture is ultra-light so that it can layer well over your favorite makeup, but it still delivers on hydration and nourishment. 

Lip Butter Balm is an integral part of your routine, from your at-home skincare regimen, to the finishing touch on top of a perfect makeup look. Wear any of the shades on their own for a slight tint or on top of your lip liner or lipstick for a gorgeous shine. Make sure you pick up a few so you’re never without your favorite dose of sweet hydration.