Deep Dive: Amino Acids for Your Skin

What are Amino Acids and why are they important in skincare?  

You have probably been tempted to pick up a product that highlights Amino Acids as one of its key ingredients — like our Super Amino Gel Cleanser. But even though you've heard about the hero ingredient, you might not entirely understand what it does and why it's important. So we're here to answer the question, what are Amino Acids and why are they important in skincare?  

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Amino Acids Are The Building Blocks Of Proteins According to your body needs 20 different Amino Acids to grow and function properly. Nine of those are considered essential, and none of them are naturally produced by your body; they have to be ingested via your diet or other supplements. Amino Acids serve many functions — specifically pertaining to skincare — from collagen and elastin production to maintaining a healthy sleep cycle (which is when your skin regenerates). Amino Acids also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help support your skin barrier.

So What Does This Mean For Your Skin? Essentially, Amino Acids are super charged compounds that do everything from protect your skin from environmental stressors to encourage youthful plumpness. They fight the free radicals that come from UV damage, air pollution, alcohol, pesticides, tobacco, and many other things that you interact with on a daily basis, which can cause premature aging, disease, and cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties of Amino Acids also help soothe skin that is irritated or sensitized.

How Can You Incorporate Amino Acids Into Your Skincare? Now that you know all about the magic of Amino Acids, you're probably wondering how to bring them into your skincare routine. It probably sounds obvious, but find products that have Amino Acids in them! One that we love is our Super Amino Gel Cleanser, which contains 11 Amino Acids that work to replenish, protect, and support your skin's elasticity.