Self Care Like It's A Summer Friday
How exactly do you do self-care? 
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How exactly do you self-care? Do you have to throw some rose petals in your bathtub and eat a pint of ice cream? Is that enough? Keep in mind that self-care is however you define it. It doesn’t always mean face masks and bubble baths — though those certainly don’t hurt — but rather, finding the things that help you unplug and make you happy from the inside out.

In the spirit of self-care, we’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite ways to treat ourselves to much-needed relaxation.

DO A FACE MASK Our co-founders both love to mask (shocker!) After all, we do love our face masks. But putting on a face mask is so much more than giving your skin a little boost, though that’s an extremely positive side effect. Lauren loves using the R+R Mask in the shower in the morning to help give her skin a little pick-me-up before she starts her day while Marianna loves using Jet Lag Mask as a way to prep for a long flight. Taking those 10 extra minutes to give yourself a tiny break and do something selfish is the perfect way to remind your body that you’re grateful for everything it does for you.

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN Did you know that there is a scientific reason why your phone causes you to stress out? According to the NY Times, looking at your phone chronically raises your body’s cortisol levels, which is the main hormone that your brain releases when you’re stressed. If you’re ever craving a break, put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” —or better yet, turn it off — and allow yourself to be notification-less for at least an hour. That uninterrupted time when you can focus on something without the potential of a buzz from your cell might be the most peaceful moment you have all day.

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HAVE A SKINCARE RITUAL You might not think of your nighttime skincare routine as a ritual, but if you do it with intention, it can become one of the more calming parts of your day. Build yourself a skincare ritual by picking out a handful of products that make you feel super relaxed, while also taking care of your skin in the way it needs to be. Throw in a facial massage with a gua sha tool or other dermaroller, flip on your favorite binge-worthy show, and completely zone out while you take care of your skin. Your brain — and face — will thank you.

SET AFFIRMATION REMINDERS ON YOUR PHONE Work can be stressful and you have a million things on your mind. Every once in awhile, you just need a little pick me up in the middle of the day to remind yourself that you’re killing it. Set an affirmation reminder to go off that leaves you with an encouraging message — it can say whatever you need to give you that extra motivational push.

MEDITATE You never realize how active your brain is until you give it a chance to slow down. Meditation is a tool that can really help you recalibrate, regardless of what time of day you do it. Meditate for five minutes in the morning to set your intention for the day, or take five minutes in the evening to thank yourself for working so hard. You can even meditate in the middle of the day if you need a little break from things that are stressing you out.

Now that you have a few tools to help you get started, make sure that you make self-care a priority in your life. There are so many ways that you can show your body that you care about it – and ultimately – prioritizing self-care will only make you more productive in the end.